New to Switzerland

Real straws.

Straw straws.

Straws from straw.

Real straws for:

  • You

  • Your shop

  • Your guests: at home, in a bar, restaurant or hotel

  • Your clients and clients of your clients: as a giveaway or merchandising

Real straws for:

Wherever people drink and wherever industrially produced drinking straws have been used until now!

Available in 3 different lengths:

  • 13 cm for cocktails and normal glasses
    Boxes of 500

  • 20 cm for long drinks and tall glasses
    Boxes of 500 and boxes or tubes of 50

  • 23 cm for bottles
    Boxes of 500

Available in:

  • Boxes of 500

  • Boxes or tubes of 50 as a gift

… and all this at an competitive price!

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